Theater Appearances

1. "The Angels of Lemnos" playing "Nathan Spandrel". Chicago Dramatist's Production.
His great portrayal of Nathan Spandrel won him the 1998 Joseph Jefferson Award, which is Chicago's greatest drama honor, for best actor.

Television Appearances

-- "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" playing Brent Martin in episode: "Werewolves" (episode # 128, Season 6, Episode 11)January 5,2006
Brent can't handle his sister becoming engaged to his best friend because his friend has a strange, genetic affliction causing excessive body hair. In his plight to save his sister from the pain he is sure that she will feel if she has children with this same disease, Brent murders his best friend. His friend's sister, also afflicted with the same disease, witnesses the murder and turns him in.

-- "Cold Case" playing Billy Jones('63) in episode: "Strange Fruit" (episode # 42)April 3, 2005

-- "The Shield" playing Asher - Several Episodes during Season 4:"Grave" (episode # 43)March 22, 2005; "Tar Baby" (episode # 46)April 12, 2005; "Insurgents" (episode # 47)April 19, 2005; "Aint That a Shame" (episode # 54)June 14, 2005

-- "Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" playing "Corporal Paul Brinkman" in episode: "Hung Out to Dry" (episode # 1.2)September 30, 2003

-- "Touched By An Angel" playing "Carson Clay" (as Chaney Kley Minnis) in episode: "The Face on the Bar Room Floor" (episode # 704)October 15, 2000

-- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" playing "Brad" (as Chaney Kley Minnis) in episode: "Real Me" (episode # 5.2)October 3, 2000

-- "Early Edition" -- Not sure of his character's name, nor when this originally aired.


Mr. Blue Sky
Greg Adams

An unconventional love triangle between three childhood buddies; two girls, one born with Down syndrome, and one boy, who all grow up fighting who they are inside, how they are perceived by society as a whole, and who they ultimately strive to become as individuals through the obstacles that are inherently present.
(from Mr. Blue Sky Official Movie Site)

One Way to Valhalla

Bo Durant(Gabriel Macht), a volatile, working-class gearhead, sees himself trapped in a world with few possibilities but when he falls off his stepdaughter's bike, suffers a concussion, stops eating, and smashes up the backyard with a sledgehammer, he begins to feel free for the first time in his life.
(from IMDB)
Also starring Gabriel Macht as Bo Durant, Kim Dickens, and Brad William Henke. Produced and written by Karen Goodman who also co-directed and wrote The Skin Horse.

Stephen King's Gotham Cafe
Steve Davis

A man named Steve Davis comes home to find his wife gone and a Dear John note on the table. He goes through a stage of depression, and abruptly decides to quit smoking. Her lawyer contacts him and sets up a lunch date -- one, which it turns out, his lawyer won't be able to attend. Waiting to go into the Gotham Cafe, he buys an umbrella he doesn't need. Then, he enters.
(Plot summary written by Stephen King.)

From the film's official website, it shows to be a pretty graphic and bloody movie. Courtesy of TurtleBayFilms, there are a few pictures in the Photo Gallery. See the official site for more!
Stephen King's Gotham Cafe - Official Site
See the trailer here.
There is also an official message board to discuss the film, and Chaney. Visit it here.

Steve Wedemeyer

Jimmy and Judy

This is an up and coming movie starring Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella. It's about two bored suburban kids who head out on a road trip, where they document all of their deeds with a digital camera. The movie was filmed throughout Kentucky. Right now, I don't know how much Chaney will be in the film, nor how big his character is. Here's the movie's officia website.
Jimmy and Judy

The Skin Horse
John Young

The Skin Horse is a slick film noir that begins in familiar crime drama territory but quickly leads us into a complex character study. John Young is a depressed cop and recovering alchoholic, floating through life and suspicious that his partner and girlfriend are having an affair. Among his assignments is the case of Barry Greene (deftly played by Portland filmmaker Andrew Dickson), an amateur pornographer and creator of the "Skin Horse" videos featuring sexual encounters between strangers. As his partner pursues the traditional leads, John follows his instincts. Led by Harlan, a nightclub owner and definitive collector of Green's oevre, John delves deeper into a seedy sexual underworld, eventually succumbing to his desire for one of his suspects. Under cinematographer Randall Timmermans' influence, familiar Portland landmarks are framed as noirish iconography and the architecture of the city makes a stark, beautiful background for Goodman-Hawk's dark, brooding narrative.
(This plot summary from
I do not have any information right now about when this movie might become available. If it is already, I haven't been able to find it.

Darkness Falls
Kyle Walsh

As a young boy, Kyle Walsh saw something.  It scared the hell out of him.  So much so, that darkness is not an option anymore.  Even twelve years later, his entire life revolves around staying in the light.  But what happens with the light runs out?  Darnkness falls, and she is coming.

The movie itself has gotten mixed reviews, but the views on Chaney's performance have been unanimous: GREAT!

Darkness Falls

Legally Blonde

Chaney did have a small role in Legally Blonde, however the scene was an unfortunate victim of the scissors and is now somewhere on the cutting room floor.  He was credited at the end of the movie, though.