This is just for fun stuff!!!

Some don't believe in the Chinese zodiac or American Zodiac, and other things like that, but it's still fun to read. How well do you think it fits Chaney?

According to the Chinese Zodiac, Chaney was born in the year of the Rat. Rat people tend to be charming, bright, creative, and thrifty.

The American Zodiac uses the month and day you were born instead of the year. The American Zodiac says Leo the Lion is Chaney's birth sign. According to Yahoo Astrology, Leo is Fire to the core! Fire brings a desire to create, innovate, and lead. The sign radiates mega-confidence. Of course, the Lion must have an audience. Without applause, what else is there? The fixed motivation adds self-reliance, a characteristic that works well in leadership positions. Leo is a formative energy, with the ability to consolidate and stabilize. Fire can rage out of control, so it helps to balance self-confidence with humility! Leo needs to become a humble but lovable lion. The playfulness associated with Leo can regress to childish demands for attention, as opposed to healthy recognition and encouragement. Leo benefits by allowing peaceful receptivity to surface. The mature Leo exudes big, beautiful heart and sheds sunshine on all who care to enjoy this bold spirit.

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