Here are some extras that I have found on other places on the net, or that I have put together myself.  I hope you like them!

** NEW **
Six Degrees of Chaney!
You've heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Supposedly almost every actor can be linked to Kevin in six steps or less. Well, this is a Chaney twist on that theory. See how many steps it takes to link your other favorite Hollywood stars to Chaney.

Bookmarks For You
Let Chaney help you keep your place while reading with these printable bookmarks.

E-Greeting Cards
Be sure to send an e-card to your friends. There is only one picture of Chaney, but there are several other men of Hollywood. Find some pretty sexy pictures of the hotties Vin Diesel, The Rock, and more!

TV Times.
Find out when Chaney will be on TV!

Just for Fun Stuff!!
Do you believe that Astrology can really tell us something about ourselves? See what Chinese and American Zodiacs say about Chaney.

Chaney's Name
Find out what Chaney's name says about him.

Matilda Dixon
This is the version of the legend used for the movie.

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